Food Freedom 101

Rewire your brain & break the cycle of: 

restriction -> deprivation -> overeating -> overexercising -> restriction.... (repeat)


You'll learn:


  • Your real "why" (it's not a number on a scale)
  • How to rewire your brain
  • What to do when a craving hits 
  • How to eliminate deprivation for good 

Presented by


Jen Pillipow

I'm a Certified Positive Psychology Coach who works with women to check "lose weight" off their to-do list. My clients are successful, intelligent, driven women who succeed in all areas of their life but struggle with "dieting". 


I teach women how to unlock their brain's potential so they can stop dieting, over exercising, and land in their right-sized body. This frees them up to achieve all the other goals the want to accomplish.

"This has had me in chains for over 40 years...."

“I feel amazing. I feel such a strength...not physically but from within...I've never EVER felt like this. I feel like I can do anything!! If I can really do this...and I am doing this...the greatest challenge of my life...I can darned well do whatever I want!! This has had me in chains for over 40 years. I never knew I could feel free. I survived this week without’s a miracle. This program is a miracle. I'd pay double to have this feeling”